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The education of the School of Korean Music is aimed at training students as ‘multifaceted artists’ equipped with practical artistic skills. By offering curriculum focused on enhancing students’ performance and improving their teaching skills, the School is expanding the pool of Korean music and contributing to the globalization of Korean art.

Department of Performance, Composition and Theory

The department is broken down into Korean classical orchestral music and creative musicology. A sub-major in Korean classical orchestral music promotes balanced between classical and creative music by playing and studying the area as well as Asian music. Based on comprehensive education that encompasses enjoyment, singing, and dancing, its educational objective is to foster excellent professional performing artists. A sub-major in creative musicology focuses on nurturing creative experts and theoretical experts. Both of whom will gain expertise and creativity through comprehensive musical education. It includes an area of composition based on the tradition of Korean music and an area of musicology in which the pure and the applied are combined together.

Department of Vocal, Musical and Percussion

The department includes sub-majors in pansori, seong-ak jangdan, folk songs, gayageum byeongchang, jeongga, singing and acting, pungmul, and special percussion. Under the spirit of 'Creating the New Emulating the Past,' it inherits the tradition without distortion and offers education in traditional dances and dramatic entertainment. Based on the education offered, the department aims to nurture experts in performing arts that will lead the creation of a new traditional art that allows for interaction with the current era.

Career options

Members of national and public art companies, Musical play groups, Korean traditional percussion bands, Broadcasting stations, Teachers of Korean classical music-related school etc.

School of Korean Music
Chung-Ang University


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